CRYPTO MINT (CM) is a digital mint that disseminates a Cryptocurrency backed by Gold and Silver Bullion aiming to establish itself as an alternative option to conventional banking. Our blockchain platform BULLIONBLOCK™ will deliver fast and secure private options for remittance and financial transactions of cash and physical Bullion for Withdrawal, Pickup or Delivery.


The blockchain technology has introduced the world to decentralization and has challenged our preconditioned perspective of the current political and economic systems.


Where modern money is vaguely representational, the CM Crypto assets can be directly exchanged for the tangible asset at the User’s request. With this in mind, the Cryptocurrency is always secured on a formidable foundation of physical Gold and Silver.







“Our Vision – is to utilize exciting emerging and disruptive technology to solve conventional challenges with new solutions and to encourage wider participation in the financial markets by all people and businesses - to catalyze growth in communities and economies – along the One Belt, One Road route and beyond”



The CRYPTO MINT Tokens (CMTC) are directly tied to the underlying assets of the BULLIONBLOCK™ parent company in Singapore, with a unique liquidation option in the Smart Contract. This ensures price protection as it is not able to fall below the token’s share of the underlying assets.


The ICO capital is to be invested in order to prepare the company for an initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in Q3 of 2019, which will be heavily promoted to investors and the wider public.


The funds raised from the ICO will fund CRYPTO MINT to execute the MOU for the acquisition of a 10% stake in a SE Asia Gold mining JV with a world class Australian Exploration Company.


Seize the opportunity to participate in the CRYPTO MINT crowdfunding ICO, become part of this new paradigm and exciting fin-tech bullion backed blockchain ecosystem platform. The only opportunity to purchase these Tokens will be from the ICO Token sale.

ICO TOKEN Sale Coming Soon

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